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Message from Vice President

We at SSAIET strongly feel that The future is shaped in class rooms. Since, an institution is judged by the quality of the citizens it produces, we are of the opinion that the education we offer should develop competent, talented personalities equipped with knowledge, skills and confidence and at the same time having been endowed with patriotic spirit and a strong will to serve the society and the nation. Our Institute seeks to nurture thoughtful, well-versed, expressive individuals, devoted to develop the self and the community.

Our highly expert and enthusiastic faculty drawn from academic circles and industry possess notable credentials, a missionary fervor in teaching and are involved in shaping careers at SSAIET.

I feel happy and proud to introduce you to SSAIET and welcome you to this institute. I assure you that pursuing your education through this institute would be one of the most exciting experiences of your life..

--Shri. Om Prakash Agrawal